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Futureheads UX newsletter – weekly picks

Sara Archer’s weekly ux picks – top stories with User Experience and Design relevance:

Vitra design museum – a virtual museum where you can customise your experience

Very clever virtual museum, choose your own tour, slick design, and find out who invented the paperclip.


Shop floor design & Ikea

Professor Alan Penn discusses the resonance between a physical shop floor plan and UI design for ecommerce. Why is it that you go into Ikea and come out with a trolley of random household goods? Ikea creates an experience that completely disorientates you… and this invokes a phenomenal buying success rate!


Writing error messages for human beings

Error messages are still prevalent in sites worldwide and everyone will be familiar with the old ‘404 error’ that used to rear its head time and time again! Why this fundamental customer experience issue needs to be tackled…


Digital ad spend to take over newspapers by 2013

Zenith Optimedia have predicted the value of the digital ad market will hit £57.7 billion in 2013, beating newspapers £55.8 billion. Wowzers.

Mobile UX Design – striving to get that 5 star rating

Alan Tifford, the principal interaction designer in Intuit’s consumer group says the mobile revolution is here. He argues to create a 5-star app for customers, designers need to work extremely hard to delight them, and stress over every detail.


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