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Man in pub…

So, I’m chatting to this short Brummie bloke at DrinkTank, the networking night hosted by Huddle, and he’s one of the few people in a tie. He says he’s a blogger and, for sure, he ‘gets it’.

I ask him: ‘So, what do you do?’

He says: ‘Well, I’m a Cabinet Minister’.

Nice one Tom Watson. A good chat through the issues of digital leadership, tech enablement, global v local and the world of Tom Watson namesakes.


Castaway – a corker beckons


Sorry if I’m bugging you with invites and reminders – and you are thinking ‘where the f*** did that all come from?’
Quick hit
Castaway is on Tues 25 Nov at the offices of Fortune Cookie, (The Lightwell, 12-16 Laystall St, EC1R 4PF – just north of Hatton Garden). 6.30pm.
Please come. If you haven’t RSVPd, then BYO beer as we won’t have catered for you. We’re catering for 30 whom I know are coming – but will welcome more. And, your all supposed to BYO anyhow.
The reason for Castaway is that I’m on the hunt for the Next Big Thing – and I keep bumping into amazing amazing people and their businesses. Digital, design, brand, content. To survive the Crunch, you are best to collaborate. The cool innovations will get traction, but only if they team up with the guys who have the right clients’ ears and commercial balls of steel.
You hit the spot, so I thought I’d flame you this invite.
You guys can get a very quick fix of hot people and partners at Castaway – I can assure you that there’s some right rich cream that’s floated to the surface and heading to Fortune Cookie’s offices. Oh, and a jolly nice chinwag and ale.
Who you gonna meet?
Take Cookie themselves – safe pair of hands, been at the heart of the internet since before Web1.0, just bagged the build of and the worldwide site revamp for a car rental co. They’ve grown 70% in the past 12 months and do websites that work like National Rail Enquiries, Miss Selfridge, Amnesty. They proudly tell me they’ve got 34 major digital awards in the cabinet.
Or, Huddle. Online collaborative tool. My chums there have just been selected as the opening round of apps to be embedded into LinkedIn as it opens its API. Bunch of 20 and 30-somethings in SE1 taking on The Valley.
Have a look at Oil Productions. They launch their interactive drama on Channel4, sponsored to six figures by Wellcome Trust, in Jan 09 – a category game-changer with reality TV, dramatic plot lines, online real/fictional clue trail, schools education programme. Yes, the elevator pitch will blow your brains. But, when the penny drops. Boy.
Get your head around Unanimis. Now a grand-daddy of web ad servicing.
Sniff the latest from The Valley Brits with You Noodle. Utterly w**k name, but brought to you by the guys that bagged billions from selling Paypal.
Or, our very own UK neat ideas: I always thought community lending sounded a right duff idea, then all the ‘real banks’ exploded. Check I hope they are making hay. Or, travel info techsters – the crunch is sure to be good for public transport.
Is anyone on the make doing ‘conventional’ stuff any more? Check out – they used to be contract publishers, but are cutting it with NMA site of the week for (which also means that instead of doing mags for plumbers, they hang out with Kate Moss). Or, once a PR straightman, now digital superhero or the boys who blog like Steve ‘Wadds’ Waddington at
And, for sure, I need to nod to previous Castaway hosts Big Als and All of Us. Check – even those ‘straight ad men’ are working for Google now! And,– the cobblers children have a new website.
The roll-call gets bigger. Meeting just a trio of these people will restore your faith in surviving 2009, even if we are ‘Iceland2 – Waiting to Happen’.
Spread the joy.

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