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Happy New Year – Snow forecast

We’re now in our third week of snow under foot. We’ve got fresh supplies of grit and salt. Here’s a lovely photo of the character of the place… with cosmic thoughts for 2010:

Moon over Hoults Yard - 342/365 by Paul J White.

I’m chuffed that Paul J White took three photos of the yard for his 365 study of a photo per day for 2009.

The latest shot, above, is on this link here – and you can see a year’s worth of images there too. Thanks Paul…

Happy New Year to all.


Studio takes shape at Hoults Yard


Director and camera men line up a shot

This shot is taken from behind the scenes on set with Ways to Live Forever. 

It shows the flats of the set – a full downstairs interior of a modern house. More importantly, you can see the height of the Railhead studio space with the eaves of the roof and beams providing an easy method for rigging and lighting.

The shoot is well underway and we’ve had positive feedback for the way Hoults Yard works as a production base – WTLF has its production office, hair/make-up, costume, green room, prop store, tutor rooms and catering all within hards of each other and the set. The yard’s been busy with an extra 30 cars on site, too. All adding to the buzz.

This production coincided with the launch of Northern Film & Media’s new offices in our Kiln building. It provides modern offices with superfast broadband and all the other benefits we offer on the yard: 24 hour security and access, easy parking, on-site cafe, media cluster… Now you can also hope to snatch a glimpse of stars Ben Chaplin, Greta Scaachi, Emilia Fox, too!


Start-ups and artists at Hoults

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a host of artists and start-up entrepreneurs looking to build their endeavours out of the downturn. It’s extremely exciting to hang out with these creative people and to see what projects we can collaborate on.

Even more exciting is the fact we can offer people their own desk, workspace or studio from £30 per person per week. Where else can you get a desk, wifi, light, heat, rent, rates, service, security… all for less than £6 a day? And, this doesn’t include all the benefits of hanging out with like-minded people!

Have a quick look at this link – from a Newcastle twitter photo group (thanks to Paul J White):

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