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LloydsTSB-HBOS – jumble sales and bottom fishing

So, my blog has gloriously covered the new-new opportunities in digital and media. I break into this editorial line with a comment on ‘other stuff that’s going to be big’.

Clearly, we are seeing tectonic shifts in the world markets – and this will impact the local economy and enterprise opportunities.

What do they say? When everyone else says ‘take cover’, it’s time to ‘take risk’. I bought Lloyds shares this morning at 265p, now standing at 290p. I had a long conversation with my stockbroker about the characteristics for calling the bottom of the market… kitchen-sinking, corporate failures, bad news epidemic… then a platform for returning stability. The market will react before the economy and may bounce.

So, 2009 looks to be a very tough year ahead – but with the re-rating of prices, labour forces and froth… there will also be great opportunities for the fleet of foot.

Boring ol’ Lloyds has just hit payback for years of caution while others have hit stella growth and over-reached themselves. Three cheers for the snails and not the hares, this week.

The digital economy is not in reverse either – it’s seeing switching from ‘old media’ and still some pretty tight labour constraints. How long this can continue? Who knows. Keep digging!


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