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Facebook targets $500m revenues 2009

A great article in today’s FT – click here.

Good news for Facebook… but the spectre of Twitter is haunting them… and Google isn’t even in the race.

The basics:

Mark Zuckerberg is founder and boss and still only 25 yrs old

Facebook expects annual revenues to break $500m (with $200m recent new investment, valuation of $10bill)

225m active users

09 annualised growth 125% (against Twitter 1318% – and Myspace 9%)


Hearst launches e-reader to vie with Kindle

We’re told that Kindle has taken off in the US – but I’ve got nothing to judge that.

It’s interesting to see the publisher of Cosmopolitan and Esquire is having a crack at developing a large format e-reader – presumably sufficiently sized to display a spread of a glossy mag.

The story is posted – click here…

Hearst’s head of interactive Kenneth Bronfin led an investment by Hearst more than a decade ago in E Ink, a Cambridge, Mass.-based startup spun out of research at MIT, that supplies the electronic-ink technology used in the vast majority of e-readers on the market today, including Amazon’s (AMZNFortune 500) Kindle, devices from Sony (SNY), and a crop of next-generation products set to launch in the next 12 to 18 months

This pick-up thanks to the FT’s techblog (here) that I picked up on a tweet from THIS twitter feed. Interesting other stat on the blog is that Facebook’s Zuckerman says they are still gaining 5 million users per month, including 1 million in the US!  NBC interview – and blog commentary here.

Blimey, I’m all wired up.

Twitter – Facebook marriage swerves the altar – so far

Is it the end of an affair, or a tiff on the way to a happy, long marriage?

Microsoft investment in Facebook begins to pay?

Sorry. Shameless rip from ReadWriteWeb…

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