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Spanish Armada

So, the Spanish are finally conquering Britain. Through banking prudence. Abbey National, Bradford & Bingley, Alliance & Leicester… the Santander Group has picked them all up so that it holds the purse strings of middle England.

Check out this piece on the inspiration for their corporate HQ, housing 6700 employees on a campus 45 mins from Madrid. Impressive, scary and perhaps the shape of things to come..


Next big thing is a small bank

Yes. I have found the next big thing. 

It’s a bank.
Or, should I say, it’s something to replace trust that people have lost in all banks. Every single one.
So, what’s the brand that could launch a bank – where folk would trust that it hasn’t derivatived-up the whole thing? Thames Water or Tesco?
Yer, but, also… it’s gotta be in there with the whole internet thing. You trust YOUR community. Because you don’t leg over your mates… which brings banking, for me, back to its roots (or the Building Society roots of mutual support)… with a new digital twist.
Can anyone help me with a banking licence?

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