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…is the next big thing.

It’s not knitting, which is pretty real… but much too much hard work.

But, if you look at entertainment that’s edgy. It’s got real trumpets in, not synths and a drum beat. It’s got mistakes, people bumbling the words… it’s a reaction to over-produced.

That’s not Boden… which is at risk of losing its authenticity as it chases ‘mass prestige’. But, it is Gifford’s Circus. It’s Juno or the fantastic sound track.

It could be Featherdown Farms, which I just heard about today… ‘cept this is a lovely concept, ironically founded by someone from Centerparks or something… and (great business, fella!) it’s a farm-diversification-franchise-opportunity thing. So, it’s not small scale, but isn’t Cirque de (£1billion founder exit) Soleil, which somehow manages to pull it off in my mind.

Yes, authentic seems to command higher margin. Dorset Cereals. Home made stuff. Borough Market.

For authentic digital-real, do also check out Lost Vagueness doing it on their Myspace page. Nicely aural.



The Next Big Thing has a soul.


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