What am I up to?

http://www.thekiln.co.uk/ – family business: Newcastle’s answer to London’s Truman Brewery

http://www.veloagency.com/ – branded content online and in print

Secret things in M&A, recruitment and networking – ie. Not quite cooked up yet, but may break cover soon.


I started this page to share sites – without realising that Delicious did this sort of thing. So, below is a month of bookmarks, before I understood what the phrase ‘social bookmarking’ meant and signed up to a Delicious account.

Click here to get my latest notes on interesting sites, businesses and the like. 

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I know and like

Change Agency

Nina Hampson, founder of Myla lingerie (and also former algorithm queen on TescoClubCard, now at 5one)


I admire but don’t really know


http://russelldavies.typepad.com/home/ Well, I’ve met Russell a few times and been impressed

David Magliano – who wrote the pitch for London 2012 and gave an inspired lecture on ‘How to win the world’s biggest pitch’.

IAC.com – Wow, they’ve got some amazing ‘web assets’. Match.com turns over $400m and makes $100m. Ticketmaster… and and… So flush, they’ve even commissioned Frnak Gehry to design a new HQ building for them in Manhattan. A newbuild in Manhattan – now that is somet.

Ariadne – Well, I do know Julie Meyer and Jonathan Simnett. But, I don’t have personal experience of their services.


I don’t know but you recommend

If your names on the list and you’ve somehow got alerted to me, do get in touch before I reach you (if you’d like to!)

Little Big Voice – A festival of ideas organised on a farm in Wales by the founders of Howies clothes

Work Club

Cameron Saunders

Toby Ireland


The World Without Us

Seb Bishop

Huddle – I know the fabulous PR, Zuzanna, but I can’t really imagine the online collaboration tool will replicate the complicated and haphazard way that I work

Jigsaw – Business database and query tool.

Pingg.com – online party planning, invitations and event management.




Library House – Doug Richards research team that outlines VC backed ideas coming thru


Museum of Modern Betas – “The hottest betas in the webosphere” – at http://momb.socio-kybernetics.net/hot-100


TheFunded.com – web resource of entrepreneurs rating, reviewing and recommending venture capital and private equity players… looks, at first glance, to be very candid and valuable
Open Business – http://www.openbusiness.cc – for open sharing platform (and real world popular geek meet-ups in London)

Meet-ups 2 – I’m probably the last person to have heard of the software engine, but there’s this entrepreneur group too…Link to London Meet-up, run by Saul Klein, web entrepreneur and serial investor (http://entrepreneur.meetup.com/1056/calendar/8033949/?a=nr1c_grp)

 www.bbc.co.uk/soundindex. Basically we (as in NovaRising) crawl Bebo, MySpace, Last.FM, iTunes, Google and YouTube – to find out what people are writing about, listening to, watching, downloading, etc.   We then compile this into a top 1000 chart which supports BBC’s Sound Programme on Saturdays (their replacement show for Top of the Pops).

Twelve Stars

www.opencoffeeclub.org is every Thursday at Waterstones on Picadilly.  Saul Klein is also behind Seed Camp www.seedcamp.com which is a forum for new start-ups to pitch their plans to VCs (a few of the winners last year got funded).

Daryl Wilcox – online guru, crack wordsmith entrepreneur




I just found and need to research sometime

Remember the milk

Kate Burns – new MD for Bebo Europe – a 35 yr old Brit who started on The Sun selling ads, then moved to Ziff Davies, Doubleclick, Yahoo, Google and and… hark at you, Kate!


Michael Birch – founder of BirthdayAlarms.com and Bebo…

4chan (not sure if this link works as I couldn’t actually get onto the site to corroborate the research – explained by wikipedia here; explained by The Observer newspaper, trying to profile the founder (who started the site in his bedroom in NYC aged 15 about 5 years ago)

Tagged.com – rising up the social networking UK rankings to Top 10 (above Twitter!) is this gem of a luv-n-stuff dating site for a certain section of the ‘mass market’.

EMAP’s media festival, Nov 08

Danny Meadows-Klue… web guru since 1995?

Hyperhappen – formed with the help of Naked and Fallon, uber-cool ad agency world. Tipped as a ‘one to watch’ by NewMediaAge.

Carson (of Bath, England) Conferences? here

and their Future of Web gig



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