Apology for infrequent posts

I must apologise on this blog for it getting somewhat dusty and out-dated. I still continue my search for the Next Big Things.

However, I am extremely busy on delivering things:

Support for Futureheads, the rapidly growing staffing specialist recruiting web/ux architects, web designers and project managers. ww

Repositioning Hoults Yard, Tyneside’s creative hub. h

And starting a cultural programme around Warehouse34 and ThinkTank gallery at HYBY.

I am doing a spot of consultancy in building business plans and raising finance through introductions.

And I have a back-burner startup project to develop a modular media engine that will revolutionise the newspaper and trade press markets globally… if only I could get it off the blocks, of course.

The only enemy is yourself. It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be. Dar-de-Dar-de-Dar…


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