Global Web trends

These stats just dropped out of my copy of New Media Age today – it’s about social media uptake.

The US has 92million Facebook users and 80m are uploading photos, 18m write a blog and 11m use Twitter.

The UK has 16m users, almost everyone uploads photos, 5.5m write a blog and 5m use Twitter.

India has 22m users, 20m upload photos, 12m write a blog and 8m use Twitter. So, according to the stats, Indian web users are really active blog and tweeters.

Other stats of note:

Netherlands and Australia – almost nobody uses Twitter

China – almost 20% of the web population use Twitter.

Brazil, Russia India, China – some 60% of internet users are on Facebook, compared to 40+% for US/Britain/Italy and under 40% for other Euros


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