Next bit thing: media roll-up in the legal world

I’ve build my own various media empires – whether at Uni with Sophie Raworth, or journo college with Mark Simpson, Robert Nesbitt and Oliver Holt, or afterwards with Joel Harrison or Simon Waldman. These have been magazines, events, exhibitions, club nights, newsletters, databases…

I’ve explored media issues with the likes of Tony Elliott (man, I think the internet could be big for you – 1994) and Bob Geldof (Dictionary of Man, 2007 – I think you shouldn’t try to build your own social media platform, go with Facebook). Oh, and I once had a chat with Rupert Hesletine at a family business event.

Christmas is a time for a bit of name dropping – do you read me on Google alerts, guys?

I have a vision of a full functioning cross-media platform. I’ve loved WordPress for 18 months and now I’m integrating it with Twitter, Eventbrite, MailChimp and Tweetdeck. But, this is only using disjointed building blocks. Where’s my own classified advertising platform? Where’s my analytics? What about multiple accounts integrating?

I keep meeting people who want to build media empires too. They often have far too wide a vision… they want to be ‘The Google of 3d web’ or ‘The Google of the fashion industry’. I say… that’s called Google. No point trying to rival it. If someone wants something, they start at Google, not at your aggregator site, which won’t be as comprehensive or freeform or have an interface that’s familiar.

And, for me, media is online/offline. I ran a £2.6m government programme at the start of Web1/2 called Beyond Bricks – we had 14,000 people in chatrooms. We also had 27 events in UK core cities where we linked with universities, networking groups, entrepreneurs and councils.

But, I also love networking events, big events, small events, targeting. I love 1 Alfred Place. That’s a media enterprise – it’s a club where you can connect. Because media is about brokerage. Brokering information. Brokering connections – don’t you love Oli Barrett? But, what does Futureheads do – recruitment is brokering. Then, there’s corporate finance and investment banking – that’s brokering connections for mergers or acquisitions.

One can get very cosmic about visions for these industries to elide. But, it’s best to look at brilliant examples. Of getting the news across. Of tone of voice. Of smile in the mind.

My nomination for year end fun and cleverness goes to this business. You won’t believe what it is after clicking thru… the name is brilliantly innocuous. But, it’s now an industry must-read:

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