From Calcutta confusion to shared info today

I’m not the first person to spot that JP Rangaswami has an interesting perspective on all things digital and sociological. I heard him at the recent Thinking Digital conference along with a host of other fascinating zeitgeist readers.

He’s on this blog: 

Pretty interesting perspectives for those trying to identify what the parameters are for the Next Big Thing. Interesting that it’s not blogging. Interesting that, since the start of this blog, it’s all gone off RSS and onto Twitter. I’m excited about Twitter and learning the ropes on @opencast. It really is a breakthrough platform.

But, it makes me yet more fascinated by real life. The Thinking Digital conference was amazing for the way the wifi and Twitter feed tracked live against the speakers… adding a totally new dimension to the event.

This, with the death of newspapers (oh, yeh, but…), makes it wide open to entrepreneurship and disruption for the future of information exchange. Next up… my thesis on brokerage, the value of networks and the cost of transactions.

In the converged world of knowledge businesses, is there any difference between a corporate finance broker, an analyst, a journalist, a trainer, a lecturer… not much, save the price they recover per interaction.

Hmmm… bring me back to the Roman Forum, Mr Lloyd’s coffee shop, First Tuesday… or see you at 1 Alfred Place…


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