Next Big Thing? Look no further than Demo 09

Yesterday, Sheffield. Tomorrow, California. My ol’ client Mike Wheatley is pitching his RSS feed manager start-up Ensembli to the world at one of the coolest tech showcases, Demo 09.

Mike is Ensembli CEO, having been parachuted in from Cambridge by the VC team that has pumped the firm.

Interesting that the firm has been backed by a number of Yorkshire regional investment funds, both public and private. Enterprise Ventures, Viking Fund and South Yorkshire Investment Fund. Check their blog here

Rafe Needleman of CNET has tipped Ensembli in his top five picks for the conference. See below. And/or, subscribe to the CNET WebWare blog

Top 5 picks:

Avaak has DARPA mesh radio technology and has applied it to video for its military contracts. Its entry into the consumer market will be a personal video system. Interesting.

Ensembli will be trying–as so many have before–to apply some AI to finding content on the Web and in RSS feeds for individuals.

Desknet, it appears, is trying to build a desktop client that aggregates all your social network activities.

Qualcomm MEMS Technology may be talking about some cool new display technology.

Transformyx makes software for corporate crisis management. There will be a lot of corporate crises this year. Looking forward to seeing what it’s introducing.


Demo 09 presenting companies

Consumer Devices
Always Innovating, Inc.
Avaak, Inc.
Coveroo, Inc.

Consumer Software and Services
Asurion Mobile Applications, Inc.
Cc:Betty, Inc.
deskNET SA
Ensembli, Ltd.
Evri, Inc.
Gazaro, Inc.
HAM-IT, Inc.
Home-Account, Inc.
Jadoos, Inc. 
Kutano Corp.
Primal Fusion, Inc.
Promptu Systems Corp.
Qubes, Inc.
Skout, Inc.
Symantec Corp.
Vokle, Inc.
Xandros, Inc.

Enabling Technology
bluBuzz, LLC
eFormic, Ltd.
HowSimple, LLC
Qualcomm MEMS Technologies, Inc.

Enterprise Software and Services
7 Billion People, Inc.
BitGravity, Inc.
Document Depository Corp., LLC
Ontier, Inc.
Purewire, Inc.
Silverstone Solutions, Inc.
Transformyx, Inc.
Zuora, Inc.

IT Management and Infrastructure
AppZero Corp.

Small Business Software and Services
Citrix Online
Liquid Media, LLC
Technicopia, LLC
Zipadi Technologies, LLC


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