I get knocked down… cat or dog?

Apologies for all the mixed animal metaphors, Chumbawumba reference and general late night shorthand sentences…

Cats&Dogs fight by nick.kwok

So, I’ve been tweeting today about ‘The Fears’… how the next big thing is the grind of the crunch as it sweeps through our lives like a locust swarm…

The tickles of hope in the economy? Dead cat bounce?

Well. Tosh. Gimme Bulldog Spirit.

Check out a small clip here. Then, say, what the frick have I got to complain about.

Nick Vujicic – never heard of a 23 year old motivational speaker from Australia. No. But, he started life with no arms or legs. And, that’s not stopped him.

And remember: No limbs, no limits. And, don’t give me dead cat bounce.

Plenty to google on the fella here. G’day.

Chumbawamba reference: The song’s called TubThumping, featuring the lyrics: ‘I get knocked down, but I get up again… you’re never going to keep me down’. Am I the only one singing this at the moment?


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