Twitter – it’ll happen to us all

So, there’s been buzz about twitter for so long. Now, I’m dipping my toes into it.

Can’t say I’m impressed. Lots of people just droning on and advertising. Or both. Or boring.

But, I hear that former England rugby captain Will Carling twittered his way through the latest international rugby game – which would’ve given anyone watching an interesting additional insight into the game. So, yes, I can see an application there.

And, now McKinsey is online. And, of my modest following, I have Rightmove tracking me… how did that happen?

Help me out please.


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  1. 1 Stephen Davies February 20, 2009 at 12:05 am

    Most people (including myself) think that about Twitter when they first sign up. Then they realise it’s not about giving mundane updates of your day-to-day life but about having real-time conversations with colleagues and friends. It’s a very useful tool.

    I’d include a link to your Twitter profile on your blog also.

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