Recession job cuts

There’s almost always a bit of ‘F*** you!’ in their eyes when The Apprentices say: ‘Thank you, Sir Alan,’ to his ‘You’re fired.’ According to research, people are often too cocky about their prospects for finding a new job.

Research in the 1990s by Johannes Spinnewijn at MIT showed folk expect seven weeks out of work but, on average, take 23 weeks to secure a new job. (And this was before the once-in-a-lifetime misery we’re told to endure at the mo!)

For massively overconfident men only by rheanna2

Spinnewijn also spotted another misconception – that energetic job seeking is misguided and it’s better to play it cool and tactical. Wrong… get cracking… you make your luck!

[Interesting to see that other ‘Big Thing’ factor is at play in Spinnewijn’s research… his analysis was done over unemployment insurance records… correctly pricing risk… and getting someone to insure against it by direct debit… now there’s a way to make a fortune].


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