Cash, customers, confidence – forecasts has built a massive following by focusing on the Home Worker. They predict that 8 million people will, this year, do some kind of business from their home. That’s a big thing. 

But, I’m thinking… these businesses are all small, lifestyle businesses. 

At tonight’s EnterpriseNation launch of forecasts for 2009, I meet the founders of Balineum – a luxy bathroom furnishing specialist. Well, I’m thinking… that’s gotta be hit by the crunch. And, it’s gotta be tiny and lifestyle-y. And, surely, they’ve got to be thinking Bedrooms next, then Kitchens.

But, no.

And, here’s the punch. It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be (see book on subject). I know this from the book – but I’m knocked out by Sarah and Anneli who remind me that Zara was founded by a guy selling towels from his house 25 years ago and it’s now the biggest clothing retailer in the world. That’s me told to be small minded!

It’s chutzpah that grows businesses. Drive, energy, ambition.

They draw me in to the world of Turkish towels. Simple product. Not too expensive.I like this. But a splash of luxury amid the gloom of recession. For £45, I can buy an Anatolian sheet. Standard towels are 600 grams per metre, but Balineum’s are 820.

Wryly, I’m even told it’s the way to get laid: wife or girlfriend – if a boy buys an Anatolian sheet or two. 

So, I’ve got a feature and a benefit to take to bed with my wife for her birthday after a nice warm bath.

Here’s a pic I prepared earlier of my wife sporting her Anatolia mini… which convinces me that Balineum must be right:

in the Bathroom by Liberoliber

(And… cash, customers, confidence – these are the key fundamentals to focus on for 2009)


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  1. 1 simone February 6, 2009 at 8:00 pm

    And what’s more: they are pitching at the Funding & pitching event on February 25, 2009.

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