Davos – Big and unweildy? Or the world’s top problem solving superheroes?

I think the world has changed so radically that the Next Big Thing will not come from an old heritage place. Big things in 2007 and 2008 are crashing around us… car companies, banks, property firms (remember Foxtons?)

Angelina Jolie - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2005 by World Economic Forum

Can Davos fix it? I somewhat doubt it – taking more the Taleb line in his book Black Swan… nobody really has a clue. Everybody’s recalibrating their world view, their balance sheet, their business model.

Tealeaf reader in chief Sir Martin Sorrell is there and blogging for the FT. See the first post here – and judge whether Martin’s got a right-hand PR that’s cranked out the copy en route so SMS can get his batting average up?

I think it’s a brilliant time to be starting a business, but a tough tough time to be steering something set up before Lehman sunk.


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