Recession graph watch 3

On Friday, it felt like the recession might be V shaped. It’s about recalibrating, re-setting the head, then firing off. Certainly, there are a host of opportunities about – see vulturing, displacement and general entrepreneurial feeling.

The ‘pre-crunch’ are often walking dead. But, the phoenix opportunities certainly abound. No baggage. No shackles. Huge devil-may-care…

When the dust settles, there will be folk who have already climbed out of this ‘bust’ and are reeping new rewards. A ‘good crunch’ is for the brave! 

There are certainly some very bright sparks applying their brainpower to how to win in this new landscape. Good luck all. The old rules (and good timing) still apply.

Oh, and B&Q car park was absolutely rammed today. If everyone thinks it’s an L, not a wonky W… then, maybe they can actually make it a V… if you follow.


2 Responses to “Recession graph watch 3”

  1. 1 Richard Emmott January 27, 2009 at 3:38 pm

    It’s all about opportunities and taking them.

    In addition to the B&Q car park we report that Mothercare is doing well. Obviously the recession started to bite 6 to 9 months ago (though officially accepted last week)and we have recently all stayed in a spent some quality home time. This could run for a while in my view
    2010 World cup, lord knows Brown could start promoting larger families to help spur growth or pay for pensions.

    More Macros retail insights to follow.

  2. 2 Stephen Waddington January 27, 2009 at 12:08 am

    Its long snakey and W-shaped. Here’s my effort to track the market – £1k FTSE 100 confidence project: At the end of the year I’ll invite all the doomsayers for a drink in London on any profit.

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