Geordieland – no digital backwater

They used to say that the high tide of economic prosperity reached Newcastle (aka Geordieland) last and went out first. However, has the Blair-Brown spending given the NorthEast a post-industrial future – or is the economy still very precarious?

Outliers… Malcolm Gladwell’s book… would have a field day if you looked at Newcastle 1830 to 1870… the invention of electricity from coal-fired power stations… the invention of the railways… the invention of the light bulb…

But, Newcastle is reinventing itself as a world city – an Ideopolis – with embedded university, airport to anywhere… still the joie de vivre of a port town with sunny weather (remember the Romans didn’t settle Manchester because it rained too much!)

Check out the biggest thing happening in Newcastle this year: Thinking Digital– a British-born TED conference, hosted by an inspired Korean-American, Herb Kim,  tasked with bringing cohesion and fighting spirit to the NorthEast’s digital business through his organisation Codeworks


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  1. 1 Stephen Waddington January 27, 2009 at 12:03 am

    Have you spotted the announcement today of plans to use the old shipyards on the Tyne to build massive offshore wind turbines. See my blog – Industrial recalibration on the Tyne:

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