Recession graph watch 2

Last week I started musing about the shape of the recession graph. Is it a V W or L?

I called an L. With a long flat bit. I’d say until after 2011.

Is this a graph on confidence? On the stock Market? On corporate profits? On financial services? Dunno. All of the above.

I rather think it could make an interesting Tweet service. Better than telling folk what I had for breakfast.

Today I say W. January looked rosy. But the optimism of the year’s turn is fading even as Obama’s rollercoaster rides to the top of a big steep hump. Whoosh. Off we go. And back into another hair raising dip.

It’s too gloomy to think the new shape is ‘lightning bolt’… But I have my suspicions that we are in for a Wonky W at least. The floor of the L looks like it might give way to a wiggle or two.


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