Hulu, Blu-Ray, Kangaroo, iPlayer… winning formula?

So, YouTube has gone the way of Ebay… it’s peaked on creating its jumble sale of content, having arrived as a maverick pirate through the low end. Like Ebay, YouTube stormed the market with its refreshing easy-to-use internet dazzle. We lapped it up. They ramped up their valuation and made paper fortunes. But, Ebay doesn’t want to major on second-hand crap and collectibles any more. There isn’t much margin, there’s the odd ethical dilemna, and folk don’t generally go back for more and more and more.

YouTube, having started out on happy slapping and student animation – as well as the requisite You’ve Been Framed funnies – is now scrabbling to show respectable and high quality video.

Meanwhile, the fast followers Amazon Shops to Ebay and now Hulu to YouTube… are stealing the march.

Hulu is only available in the US at the mo. But, it’s filling the slot we have in the UK with Kangaroo and iPlayer… turning the web into an alternative delivery channel for broadcast-quality epics.

The FT, and elsewhere in the blogosphere, has trumpeted that Hulu is now matching YouTube on ad revenues… it’s not pirating videos but has deals in place with NBC, Sony, Fox, Viacom.

The grown-ups do bite back!


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