Addictomatic – as big as Google?

So Google didn’t bother to design their interface – or, rather, perhaps they deliberately under-designed it. Opportunity for someone to do visual… check out the search you get from Addictomatic.

Can we all remember the first time we Googled? Did we think it was gonna be big then? And it certainly is now!

I say Addictomatic could be very big indeed too. There’s market share for the taking as we all get more sophisticated about our search demands.

For instance, I did myself on Addictomatic… Charlie Hoult. You get a few of the other Hoults that come up on my alert… Nicholas Hoult actor and Notts County goalie Russell Hoult, plus web traffic on me.

Then I do “Charlie Hoult” with the inverted commas and got a much tighter snapshot of what the web has on me. Blogs from Wadds, Andrew Smith and a recent tweet from Oli Barrett. Check it here.

Next stop rude words, presumably… like when you get any new dictionary… Then some serious searches… and I’ll be hooked!

For info, Addictomatic is founded by Dave Pell, who gives us more stuff to research on the journey of Next Big Thing…

Dave Pell, Founder

Dave Pell

The victim of internet overuse, a short attention span and a dwindling social life, Dave has been working with, investing in, and getting addicted to internet companies for more than a decade.

He founded Rollyo, writes Davenetics, answers to his wife at Splendora, works on product at Soundflavor and has invested in and/or advised more than 40 startups.

Dave also is maintaining his son’s site until he turns three and starts blogging himself.


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