One to watch 3: Twitter rockets, Tagged flies low-end

Hitwise, the UK traffic cops, have reported on the rise and rise of social media. The big news is the rise of Twitter by 485% year-on-year, with the likes of the UK Prime Minister having a tweet even. 

Brand Republic blog editor Gordon Macmillian reports here. Sorry if you need a password – oh, heck, I’ll just paste his blog at the bottom of this post in italics if you get that far…

(While Twitter is 11th most traffic, you may be amused to see Gordon reference the 10th biggest site with an aside that he must learn more about the site. Well, I checked it out and would ward against it… it looks like a dating site that’s a bit too real for me?! check the UK scene here. If your page mounts like mine, Lesbian Ems 19, is clearly less proud of her face than other assets in her profile photo!)



Sometimes you think that is just you and really not that many others, but it’s interesting to see how micro blogging site Twitter is taking off in the UK. Latest Hitwise figures show its traffic is soaring.


According to Hitwise, Twitter’s UK traffic is up 485% this year, 70% higher than US, where granted it already has a bigger base.


The figures show that UK visits to increased by 631% during the 12 months, with 485% of that growth coming this year.


It does feel that is has been the UK year for Twitter., particularly as places like Number 10 have adopted it.


Interestingly, it is broadcasters and the BBC that have helped to lead this growth. There are a lot of BBC feeds available, more than a dozen, and they can really swamp you as can updates from any news outlet (including Brand Republic for that matter), but that hasn’t stopped people from signing up. 


At the moment, the BBC feeds are grouped quite broadly business, politics, educations health.  


Putting these in perspective the numbers show how far there is to go. BBC politics for example has 482 followers; sport 794 with news leading the way with 713 followers.


Those numbers reveal, among other things, Twitter’s place in the UK social networking universe where it currently does not feature in the top 10, according to Hitwise, which is led by Facebook at number one with 45% share and (really know nothing about this site) in 10th place with 0.72% share.  


What is interesting is, as Robin Goad research director at Hitwise points out, the breadth of Twitter’s appeal, with users split 50/50 male/female; only 15% from London; and while 25- to 34-year-olds are still the most ove- represented age group, 37% of visitors to the site are now aged 45 and over. 


I’m still enjoying it and although I’ve looked at a few rivals, I haven’t started using any. With the news bots like those from the BBC, the next step is for the ability to create more targeted and tailored feeds to avoid that swamped feeling.

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