One to watch 4: Facebook Connect

Hitwise research says that Facebook has 45%+ of the UK social media audience. But, they aren’t resting on their laurels. They are trying to make themselves the de facto standard by opening up their source to connect with other sites with a Facebook Connect application as the centrepiece to the event (heralded since May).

The 2nd annual developer conference kicked off yesterday – called Apponomics.

To get a flavour of the tongue-twisting new firms that inhabit Widgetland, here’s the first conference session speakers:

Joe Greenstein (CEO, Flixter), Tim Kendall (Director of Monetization, Facebook), Jeremy Norberg (Founder, All Widgets), Shervin Pishevar (CEO and Co-Founder, Social Gaming Network), Tim O’Shaughnessy (CEO and Co-Founder, LivingSocial).

Follow the money, follow the money… is there money to follow on FB? Projected revenues for this year are thought, by the Financial Times, to be $350m, against $150m in 2007. Mainly traditional display ads…

Oli Barrett… we live in wait for your fabled ‘Calendar Commerce’…


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