VC funding still on song for Spinvox, Icera, Tideway, Truphone, Autoquake, Job Partners and Inuk Networks

I got a copy of a newsletter from VC watchers Calibre One who happen to be recruiters for the space, presumably.

Echoing the comments below, it’s great to see that UK firms are averaging the same funding as US firms… and that there are a few stonking investments…


In these challenging times its good to get some good news occasionally. Whilst the amount of VC investment in tech was well down on last quarter (a record quarter in Europe) it wasn’t all doom and gloom. Tech investment across Europe held up reasonably well considering the broader economic climate – and certainly compared to the steep decline seen in the US.


Its also very encouraging that, in the UK, average deal sizes, once again, remained high at $12.12M – on a par with the US. Last quarter Spinvox, having raised a $100M round, skewed the figures a little. In Q2 a number of companies raised significant rounds; Icera ($78M) Tideway ($27M) Truphone ($32M) Autoquake ($23M) Job Partners ($17.5M) and Inuk Networks ($19M) It’s fantastic to see so many great quality UK businesses raising the stakes.


Some highlights of the quarter;


– Investment levels held up reasonably well in Europe with a total of $0.86bn in tech investment closed across the region, though this is down significantly from the Q1 figure of $1.29bn.

– At $0.35bn, investment levels in the UK remained good though, again, significantly down on last quarter’s high of $0.59bn.

– Average deal size in the UK was $12.12m – the best ever (!) beating last quarter’s previous high of $11.85

– Tech investment in the US is on a clear downward trend with Q2 2008 being the fourth consecutive quarter of decline in tech investment levels


A mixed bag – but some very good news there – if you’re in the UK anyway. Demand for our services remains strong and the firm has had a good quarter both in the US and Europe. Its interesting to note the large number of searches we have done in the past 6 months for European companies expanding in the US. Another sign of the renewed confidence of European tech firms.


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