iPhone changes online dynamics?

So, I was a CEO and now I’m a nomad. Initially, I snatched time on the iStore Macs to check my Gmail. Next, I hang out at the FrontlineClub to hook to their wifi.

I’m not the only person doing this. Indeed, London is full of FreeAgents – freelancers, agency folk, knowledge workers. But, now I’ve bought my iPhone… what next?

A fully functioning pocket device will, I suspect, take the flexibility even further. Push Gmail (and RSS Reader). Web in my pocket. iPod for music, film. And Tom-Tom-style satnav. And, almost forgot, voice and sms of yore.  (Some of the uniques blogged by tech analysts from Jupiter… and IanFogg/Jupiter)

iPhone is a big step for the ‘Always On’ paradigm giving people useful digital stuff in a fabulous user experience. As the Jupiter analysts scream… it’s not about the hardware, it’s about the software…

Big… bigger… biggest? (I note that ‘iPhone 11 July‘ has 34million google page returns, compared to 56,000 for ‘Charlie Hoult’)

Why have a dongle? Why have a landline? More to the point, with 500 apps already available for the new 3G iPhone… what business models will prosper for this connected new economy?

Next question will be the value of luck and judgement in business building. With the power of the devices and the potential of the tools… you still need proven experience. But proven in what, these days? Or, do you just need freedom and hunger?

Dan Pink is a US commentator who coined the name Free Agent in his book Free Agent Nation. He’s blogging and writing about the entrepreneurial spirit in a series of best seller books. 

So, bigger than iPhone is the unleashed crowds ‘doing stuff’.


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