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I can’t say the Next Big Thing will be government. But, then, in a downturn, with all governments making up roughly 45% of a western economy, the think-tank and policy world is interesting…

It seems everyone is ‘at it’ with events that get media sponsors. This one sponsored by C4, Russell Davies sponsored by The Guardian.

I fancy Opencast for a conference, perhaps in the New Year (do comment if you think this might float your boat). But, I’m particularly interested in business models for the New Economy… I’m liking the fact that I’m seeing all sorts of things that would perhaps now be termed Web 1.0 coming back (virtual malls, chat rooms). Equally Web 1.0 is the whole feeling for me that we didn’t then quite do the much heralded ‘legacy migration’ of old economy into the technosphere… but that it all looks like reaching a tipping point that will be quite scary for people who thought they had a cashcow – and now it’s getting challenged by all sorts of virtual or channel competition.


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