The answer for ITV – be more Brit-posh

I enjoyed Dan Sabbagh’s media analysis in Friday’s Times. He nicely argues that the reason for ITV’s wane is that it doesn’t do ‘posh’ like the BBC – and ‘posh’ exports internationally. He reckons the misery of Emmerdale or Coronation Street just doesn’t work like Strictly Come Dancing or Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency or Richard Curtis films (Love Actually, Blackadder) or Harry Potter.

For ITV, also add Wallace & Gromit, Artic Monkeys and Oasis… all have failed to get big traction in the US.

For ITV, the next big thing is to crack America. Or, has Dan missed a trick by not mentioning Simon Cowell? His formats are populist not posh and they are rescuing ITV as well as a heap of US TV stations stranded by the writers’ strike. All good for Simon Cowell, but perhaps stemming an inevitable decline in TV?


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