Panning for inbox gold

My pal Oli Barrett (well, he also has 644 other friends on Facebook – so he’s charming and popular and I might not be that special to him)… is such an uber-networker that his blog is called Daily Networker.

I’ve shamelessly ripped off his latest post’s headline because it chimes nicely with the Opencast agenda.

If you don’t have time to click thru to Oli’s post – the most interesting bit for me was a take on this latest trend of ‘Worthwhile Work’… doing a job but also changing the world at the same time. Oli mentions a team called Realisers (and not just any team – it includes Saint Charles Handy of the management books and Thought for the Day comment). Nice idea, slightly cultish and spooky sound to the actual courses, at champagne hippy prices. Hmm – who precisely would go on a week-long life change workshop if you had a spare week? 

Oli is a font of knowledge on start-up ideas doing the rounds. He also operates as the most fab compere in speed networking sessions.


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