Delicious, Diigo, Remember the Milk and more

So, I’m asking Andrew Smith to explain to a blogging novice how I can get Google Analytics attached to my blog. (I can’t because it’s still hosted by WordPress – and I need to get it hosted elsewhere first, then learn HTML). 

I say I’m starting to get insecure about all the cool tools that are around – that I don’t know how to use. And, Smiffy refers me to his blog on Google analytics

Then I get link-jumping and hit a hot list on someone else’s blog. I’ve shamelessly cut and paste below, but I’ll be watching the blogger to get updates…



By Jessica Merritt

Web apps are incredible tools because they offer users a way to have functionality just about anywhere they can go. Whether you’re on vacation or just at a different office, you can always log in to web apps and know that all of your tools and information will be available. So why don’t you ditch your dusty old desktop programs and fully make the switch to web-based applications? With these apps, that just might be possible.

Web Desktops

These tools allow you to have a familiar desktop just by logging in.

  1. Desktoptwo: Using this web-based desktop, you can contain all of your applications within a browser window.
  2. GlideOS: GlideOS is an extremely useful virtual desktop that you can access through your browser.
  3. YouOS: YouOS offers a user-centric web desktop application.
  4. Goowy: Use this app to get a window interface that you can use to work on all of your apps.


Work together with friends, fellow students and coworkers using these collaborative apps.

  1. Basecamp: Organize and collaborate with anyone with this project application.
  2. Gliffy: Using Gliffy, you can create diagrams and even share them online.
  3. Comapping: Create collaborative mind maps online with this app.
  4. PBwiki: This simple wiki app makes it easy to connect over time and space.
  5. Central Desktop: Share files and communicate with anyone using Central Desktop.
  6. WhoDoes: With the WhoDoes project management application, you can assign tasks, share documents, define roles, and more.
  7. ConceptShare: Use this app to do online design collaboration.
  8. Writeboard: Using Writeboard, it’s easy to share and collaborate on documents.

Office Suites

Forget about Microsoft Office. These apps have everything you need and more.

  1. Averiware: With Averiware, you’ll get great tools for customer relationship management, accounting, and beyond.
  2. Zoho: Zoho replaces just about every office application you might need, with a word processor, project management software, web conferencing, and lots more.
  3. WORKetc: With this suite of tools, you’ll have everything you need to run a business or home office.
  4. ThinkFree: ThinkFree offers a great variety of office apps, and even includes up to 1 gigabyte of storage free.
  5. Panthius: With this ebusiness suite, you’ll be able to stay on top of customers, tasks, schedules, and more.
  6. Actionize: Use this office management tool to get an address book, task tracking, file management, and more.
  7. ContactOffice: Manage your office contact data with this tool.


Write drafts, spreadsheets and more with these apps.

  1. TinyPDF: With this software, you can create PDF files from any printable document.
  2. GreenDOC: GreenDOC serves up simple, free, and easy word processing online.
  3. HTML Slidy: Create and present XHTML slideshows with Slidy.
  4. Docly: This word processor has copyright protection built in.
  5. Thumbstacks: Use Thumbstacks to create presentations such as slideshows or outlines in your browser.
  6. Google Docs & Spreadsheets: Google’s apps offer a simple way to create and manage documents online.
  7. koolwire: With koolwire, you can turn documents into PDF files using email.
  8. Orangoo: This web application offers the simple task of spell checking.
  9. SmartSheet: This document app truly is smart, offering all of the documentation tools you want along with history tracking, task assignment, and more.
  10. EditGrid: Make extraordinary spreadsheets with this online app.
  11. Writely: With this online word processor, you can write, collaborate, and more.
  12. Webnote: Webnote makes it easy to take notes in your browser, and then access those notes from any web-enabled computer.
  13. Create PDF: On Adobe’s site, you can create a PDF online.
  14. YourDraft: Use this online word processor to create quick drafts, and you won’t even need to register.
  15. Flowchart: Create charts with this simple, but full featured chart app.


These apps will help you get things done online.

  1. 30 Boxes: With this calendar app, you can keep up with birthdays, events, and more.
  2. TimmyOnTime: Stay on top of how you spend your time with this IM-based time management tools.
  3. Remember The Milk: This web-based to do list will remind you to say on top of your tasks.
  4. makes it easy to create mind maps, and even embed them in web pages.
  5. SideJobTrack: Use SideJobTrack to properly manage your side business.
  6. Ta-Da List: Track your to-dos in this fun little app.
  7. Relenta CRM: Using this program, you can stay on top of your customers.
  8. 88 Miles: Punch in and out of different projects with this time tracking tool.
  9. Google Calendar: Use this web app from Google to organize your schedule and share it with others.
  10. RescueTime: Find out exactly how you spend your time with RescueTime.
  11. DarkCopy: This application will help you write documents while the rest of your screen is blacked out to eliminate distractions.


With these web apps, you can manage your money anywhere.

  1. Mint: Mint is a great online tool for keeping tabs on your money wherever you are.
  2. BudgetPulse: Stay on top of your budget with this app that provides graphical views of your accounts.
  3. FreshBooks: Use this simple billing tool to track your time, send invoices, and accept PayPal.
  4. Wesabe: Wesabe makes it easy to track your money online.
  5. Dimewise: With Dimewise, you can track your finances using Web 2.0 features like tagging and charts.
  6. Moneytrackin’: Use Moneytrackin’ to watch your finances online.
  7. Blinksale: Business owners can use Blinksale to create professional looking invoices for clients.


Keep all of your files handy on the web with these apps.

  1. Xdrive: With 5 gigabites of online storage, you’ll have room for lots of stuff.
  2. eSnips: You can get 5 gigabytes of space on this free storage site.
  3. Amazon Simple Storage Service: You’ll have to pay for it, but Amazon’s storage service is one of the best.
  4. BingoDisk: Host up to 100 gigabytes of your files securely online with BingoDisk.
  5. openonmy: Use this website to store up to 1 gigabyte of files.
  6. MediaTemple: If you need more space, consider getting a hosting account for your stuff.


These media manipulation apps go beyond traditional desktop software.

  1. SplashCast: With this media player, you can create slideshows using a variety of different media.
  2. Adobe Photoshop Express: Edit your photos using the online version of everyone’s favorite editing software.
  3. Flickr: Share and store your image and video files online with Flickr.
  4. Splice: With Splice, you can remix audio right in your browser.
  5. Eyespot: Use Eyespot to mix videos online.
  6. LunaPic: With LunaPic’s online photo editor, you can do all sorts of fun effects to your images.
  7. Photobucket: Store and share your images online with this popular photo site.
  8. Jumpcut: Use Jumpcut to mix your videos, adding effects, titles, and more.
  9. XMG Image: With XMG Image, you can rezise tag, crop and otherwise edit your images.
  10. Picture2Life: Picture2Life makes it easy to edit photos, create collages, and more.
  11. Finetune: With this app, you can make your own online mixtape.
  12. Pandora: Fall in love with Pandora’s jukebox that plays music based on the artists and songs you already like.
  13. kPlaylist: With kPlaylist, you can stream your music online.
  14. Tun3r: With Tun3r, you can find all sorts of internet radio stations.
  15. Picnik: Do simple photo editing in your browser with Picnik.
  16. Colorblender: Use Colorblender to match colors and palette design.
  17. Ajax Animator: Get online and use this web-based Flash alternative.
  18. My Own Sketch: Create drawings in this online sketch app.


Use these web apps to keep things together online.

  1. iOrganize: Keep all of your work together with iOrganize.
  2. Save your favorite sites on right from your browser.
  3. Neptune: This simple app makes it easy to get organized.
  4. Diigo: This in-browser highlighter makes it easy for you to save important pieces from the web.
  5. Stikkit: Using this little sticky-note app, you can communicate and get organized online.
  6. Backpack: Backpack offers a great way to keep all of your important documents together, whether they’re notes, images, or to-do lists.
  7. Todoist: With this app, it’s easy to keep track of your tasks.
  8. CalendarHub: Get updates on multiple calendars, events and more with CalendarHub.


With these web apps, you can keep in touch with everyone you need to talk to.

  1. Highrise: Highrise makes it easy to keep in touch with your customers.
  2. Oovoo: Use this free chat application to communicate with video or text.
  3. Yahoo! Mail: Yahoo!’s new webmail looks a little bit like Outlook.
  4. Claros inTouch: Claros offers a full suite of communication tools, including webmail, notes, RSS, and instant messaging.
  5. RoundCube: This browser-based email application has lots of great features you’ll love.
  6. Mail2Web: With Mail2Web, you can receive email from any computer online.
  7. eBuddy: eBuddy makes it easy for you to IM without a desktop application.
  8. Twitter: Keep all of your friends and acquaintances updated at once with this tool that lets you broadcast small pieces of text.
  9. Meebo: Instead of using a variety of desktop IM applications, use Meebo for unified communication.
  10. Gmail: This extremely popular webmail is great for zapping spam.


Get even more awesome features from the web with these apps.

  1. Zamzar: Get free online file conversion with Zamzar.
  2. InstaCalc: This online calculator will blow the one you have on your computer out of the water.
  3. Google Maps: Use Google Maps instead of desktop-based MapPoint.
  4. Krunch: Zip and unzip files online with Krunch.
  5. Bitlet: Bitlet allows you to torrent without having BitTorrent installed.

And I find th


5 Responses to “Delicious, Diigo, Remember the Milk and more”

  1. 1 John July 1, 2008 at 4:47 am

    Time tracking and task management = productivity booster

  2. 2 Time Tracker June 30, 2008 at 2:51 pm

    Don’t forget about for Personal and Professional Time Tracking:

  3. 3 Andrew Bruce Smith June 30, 2008 at 11:39 am

    😉 Good list. Though by the time you check out all 99, the world will have prdouced 999 new ones…..

    Google Reader + Aide RSS + Google Alerts + Diigo is should keep you going for the moment.


  4. 4 Taskguru June 28, 2008 at 8:01 pm

    Simplicity, intuitivism and needs-fulfillment – that’s what you get with – a productivity tool.

  5. 5 Mat June 28, 2008 at 3:32 pm

    Hi. How about adding ProofHQ to the collaborative apps section?

    It lets users collaboratively mark-up and comment on designs, documents and images. It also integrates with Basecamp so you can include proofs as part of your Basecamp workflow.

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