Big URL changes – who’s for a .pepsi?

Blogging is a big thing – the way WordPress generates a list of posting around my tags as a newsfeed for me.

And, I’m getting pretty speedy on the pick-up of news. This just a day old – sneaking out a big big change to domain name branding opportunity.

Agence France Press has reported on a Paris conference for domain name authorities, who approved moves to allow all sorts of brands to unlock the naming.

Pretty soon ‘dot-com’ is going to look very clunky and 1.0… and that whole industry built up around registrations forced to compete over generics or the cheeky landgrab of other folks brand assets.

You can have .pepsi or .london… a whole new landscape.

This will be good news, I’m sure, for my dear pals at Netregistry in Australia. They had first mover advantage when they set up NetBenefit in the UK, but saw things getting heavily competed and discounted… so they first movered themselves to live in Oz and have cleaned up over there. Good entrepreneurship, guys!


1 Response to “Big URL changes – who’s for a .pepsi?”

  1. 1 Malek Bougandoura December 3, 2008 at 4:55 pm

    That is complete rubbish! The net will be domain anarchy if this goes ahead!

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