Well, poke my balloon

It looks like a Big Thing. Smells like a Big Brother thing… a real media phenomenon.

It’s a balloon race across the internet. It’s been invented for Orange telco by PokeLondon digital agency.

It’s a bit of silly season fun.

The story is on Poke’s website

And, you can actually play here

Design Week has done a nice piece asking ‘Is advergaming the future?‘ – which about sums up where I’d come at it too.

If only I was technically competent enough, you’d see balloons careering over my online real estate… but I can’t paste the HTML onto my page.  Instead, you could check out Ben Terrett’s neat blog Noisy Decent Graphics (Ben has just set up a collaborative business with Russell Davis, codenamed Punkagram). Nice combo of strategic thinking and quirky fab graphics.


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