Well I never… why online is big

So, you spend an evening thinking that, actually, it’s the ‘old stuff’ that’s going to stay big. Like cars. Or water. Or electricity. Or TV. We need all that stuff – and online doesn’t have a chance.

Then, you spend a few minutes browsing the web and bump into people of extreme talent.

James Houston appears to have just ‘knocked up’ a video for a competition. Lovely.

Said competition was to reshoot a video for Radiohead with their track ‘Nude’.

Rather fabulously for this blog, the subtitle of the film is: ‘Big Ideas: Don’t Get Any’. I think there’s a hint in that title!

Then, you scroll down and see his work for an imaginary TV ident. And, you might find out some other stunning stuff.

If you click through to James Houston’s other site, then you discover that the fella only graduated from college last week. Cor blimey.


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