What’s your Next Big Idea?

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  1. 1 stef June 23, 2008 at 10:07 pm

    not sure how forthcoming folk will be hear. in my experience people tend to be rather retiscent about sharing their ideas for fear of having their million dollar baby stolen. but since ideas are essentially worthless, i’ve always spouted them to anyone who will listen in the belief that a) if there is any commercial merit in them, they may fall upon honourable ears, and b) holding ideas in causes constipation. and i like to stay regular. so, to the bathroom….

    airlines are going under and there can’t be much of a 2nd hand plane market. so we buy a bargain fleet and start an airline which never takes off. GREENAIR (?) is a grounded fleet of planes decked out as video conferencing facilities which sit outside a corporation’s HQ (or a section of cabin in the foyer) reducing it’s business travel footprint whilst advertising it’s CSR/green commitment… COKEAIR, NOKIAIR, HONDAIR, GOOGLEAIR, APPLAIR, et ceterair. may even wash it’s face with the savings on corporate travel.

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