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The world is full of opportunity. There’s a credit crunch putting the squeeze on. There are turbulent stories in the pink pages about banks and estate agents, house-builders and retailers.

But, economies around the world, outside the UK and inside specific sectors, continue to chug along nicely or even rocket away. And, everywhere there are entrepreneurs starting new ventures with ambition and an idea. You don’t have to, necessarily, change the world. A simple tweak of an old idea will do, springing things to life like YouTube, or Moo.com.

I’ve set myself the challenge of finding the Next Big Thing. Is it a mirage? Is it fool’s gold? Can it exist as an absolute – or is it all relative to every individual?

A few definitions…

The Next Big Thing is a livelihood. Though, this doesn’t mean it has to be un-creative or uninspiring. I see today that Cirque de Soleil has just sold out for $2billion. And, I was blown away this weekend, in the same mould, by http://www.giffordscircus.com 

The Next Big Thing is going to be big and influential for many. It’ll change our focus – like digital transformation of traditional industries, or the march of China and India with populations that cover two-fifths of the world.

The Next Big Thing hasn’t quite arrived yet, so there’s still time to get on the band wagon.

I’ve spent a fortnight pondering, but my main source of inspiration is a collection of meetings with brilliant people.

I’ve also set myself the goal, alongside the blog, to pull together a live event to debate the challenges and opportunities of the way ahead.

Innovation meets cashflow. Start-ups meet fast followers. Fair Trade meets the Credit Crunch. Online video continues to batter television – or is it replacing TV with, erm, TV? Or, in the famous words of the song… The revolution will not be televised… the revolution WILL BE LIVE…

Where is it all going? Join me to find out.



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